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Our Little Coffee House
707 S. Charles G. Seivers Blvd.
Clinton, TN 37716

(865) 306-0094

It's a home away from home!


When the coffee house re-opens, these are our planned events.

Homestead Work Day – (all day event)  Our regular menu is not served on this day.  It’s up to our chef and baker to feed everyone.  This is the day where some serious planting goes on.  We have a lot of seeds to plant!  The coffee bar will be open though, and you can join us for a homestead style lunch.


6 PM Entrepreneur Meet Up – We provide an open source business plan format where entrepreneurs can use, modify and discuss the plan, or participate in business related topics.

6 PM Tea Party & Music – Join us for seasonal finger foods, desserts and beverages, depending on what the harvest brings in.

2 PM Homestead Subscriptions – This is the day co-op members pick up their produce and pantry orders.  We  welcome the public to sample our homestead products.

6 PM Homestead Dinner & Theater – Our chef and baker will prepare an all inclusive meal (entree, sides, beverage and dessert) based on seasonally available produce.   The Theater event will be a movie or music, dance, or other talent related show.

6 PM –  Sabbath Worship Music